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  DRAGONLORD PC-K58 inputs cold air by the 140mm intake fan, it can be reposition by adjust the HDD cage. There are also vents on the 5.25” bezels, allow cold air to enter the case to cool the system down .
Cable clamp   Tool-less Optical Drive Mounting   Tool-less PSU holder
Cable-Management Kit for cables to pass through, allow uesr convenient manage the cables.   Supports stanrdard 5.25-inch optical Drive.   Insert the PSU into position, then close the aluminum PSU holder.
  3.5" HDD cage
  The installation of the hard disk is very easy, and tool-less. Place the hard disk into the aluminum cage, and close the clip to secure the hard disk. (2.5" HDD install feasible)
  Tool-less PCI card holder x7
  To install PCI add-on cards, simply close the arm in position.
  Maximum Video Card Size


  Removable Top Cover
  he hardware installation with Dragon Lord K58 is very easy and simple. The front panel and top panel are detachable and they can be removed without tools.

Liquid cooling holes Air filter (Base) Vented PCI Bracket x7 Front 140mm Fan
Air filter (5.25" bay)      


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